We deal with solutions intended to facilitate postal services including traditional mail as well as postcards, letters and parcels. In contrast to electronic mail, the difference is comparable to the distinction between a book and an audio book, but our intention is to go even further and combine these two types of mail into one system creating a tool for each user.

A traditional, unique postcard or a letter presented in a new form, created and operated with the use of the latest achievements of knowledge.

Our objective is to prepare tools for modern postal services with the highest quality of service dedicated to users of any age.

Our endeavours are focused on customers of a postal operator.

Together we can do anything.

Our ideas, supported by knowledge and experience, are carried out in the form of the most modern solutions which include devices and postal service software.

We are pleased to present our offer to you.

A Self-Service Postal Kiosk

The Self-Service Postal Kiosk is a built-in or stand-alone device intended for self-service mailing of regular and registered letters and small parcels. Optionally, it can be fitted with additional features in line with technical capacities.

A customer, by using the self-service intuitive interface (with a touch screen and voice guidance), weighs and inputs data required for proper mailing and payment for the dispatch of the parcel.

Then, by inserting coins and/or banknotes (the device gives change in coins), the customer makes a payment consistent with the price list for mailing services. Once the above steps are made, the customer receives self-adhesive address and postage labels.

After scanning the codes on labels all performed actions are registered and confirmed with a payment receipt and, if necessary, a postal receipt.

The scope of the offer

This offer is preliminary and comprises main technical issues which can be changed and adapted as per an operator’s suggestions and needs.

  1. A Postal Kiosk
  2. An Ad Post management system (service level)
  3. Assembly components depending on the site and conditions of assembly
  4. Transport, assembly and start-up services
  5. Warranty and post-warranty service

Features of the eFranc self-service postal kiosk

  • coin and banknote payments with an option to reprogram the device to payments in any currency, including euro
  • the device gives change in 4 or 5 coin denominations from cartridges with minimum capacity of 350 pcs.
  • an option to dynamically limit the maximum accepted banknote denomination depending on the due amount in a given transaction
  • acceptance of non-cash payments made by ISO/IEC 14443 type A proximity cards (optionally NFC); an option to integrate the system with the electronic purse system
  • an option to accept payments made with payment cards (SKP 600)
  • a printout of a self-adhesive label and a transaction receipt after scanning label codes
  • a 19” touch screen display
  • optionally, a wireless communication system based on GPRS data transfer
  • cable communication with the server (a relevant infrastructure is required)
  • optionally, sale of public transport tickets
  • a settlement system enabling generation of sales records and statistical reports in electronic and hard copies
  • housing made of 2mm stainless duplex (LDX) steel with an increased mechanical strength
  • housing available in any colour – to be agreed on with the ordering party
  • 230V supply with an uninterruptible power supply system ensuring safe completion of an initiated transaction
  • a silent and loud alarm system
  • a modular construction enabling modification of kiosks in use

eFranc Postal Kiosk software

User software

The offer includes preparation of kiosk software, in accordance with instructions and expectations of the Polish Post, which provides a customer with an easy and intuitive method of mailing as per requirements defined by the Polish Post. Moreover, the software also provides the format and content of labels in conformity with laid down and approved samples.

Settlement software

The kiosk is also equipped with settlement software which properly collects, processes and stores all data relating to performed transactions. Additionally, the software allows for printing relevant settlement and statistical documents confirming with laid down and approved samples.

Optionally, the kiosk can be additionally fitted with a payment application which enables payment with Mifare proximity cards functioning as carriers of the ‘electronic purse’ (offer for regular customers).

The software also enables topping up the ‘electronic purse’ balance through the kiosk and making payments through payment applications in mobile phones.

In addition, the offer includes software which is going to collect, process, and properly store all data related to transactions on the device. This will also allow for printing relevant settlement and statistical documents confirming with laid down and approved samples.

Ad Post kiosk management system with software

Optionally, the kiosk can work with the Ad Post system which ensures remote management of the network of devices (e.g. a quick change of parameters in all devices) and convenient processing of financial data. The Ad Post system enables, for instance, performance of the following remote operations:

  • adding a new kiosk or modifying the settings and localization data of an existing one
  • modifying or adding new operational parameters of devices, including price lists, offers as well as a list of numbers of accepted proximity cards, a list of restricted cards and amendments to postage rates, etc.
  • reviewing data concerning postal mailing receipts
  • reviewing operational data of a kiosk
  • blocking and unblocking a kiosk

The system can be used as a part of a larger system.

Minimum system requirements:

Processor 1 GHz or 64-bit/faster
RAM memory 2 GB
Video card SVGA 1024 x 768 with DirectX 9 support
Hard drive 100 GB
Min. available HD space 500 MB
Other MySQL Server 5.1, Windows XP SP3/Vista/7,NET Framework 3.5, CD-ROM or USB

Duration of the offer

Our offer is preliminary. Preparation of a binding offer constituting the basis for an order will be possible after providing a detailed specification of a device, order volume and assembly site.